Sunday, October 31, 2010

expecting a storm, but it only drizzles..

this entry has got nothing to do with the weather, although i would love to mention about the weather yesterday where there was a sudden storm hits my neighbourhood. seriously, it was SCARY. the wind shut all my window and brought along a very heavy but short rain. hmm, luckily i did no do my laundry yesterday. if not, i would be wailing all day long *hyperbole inserted there*. hehe

if only all storms are that beautiful :p

back to the topic, it is actually about my exam. the subject is Phonetics. i love the subject, like seriously. okie, maybe because i am a person who has interest in linguistics subject, hence the interest. others who hate it, like i care. haha. as long as i love it, what others say would not matter. reverting back after much astray, the exam was expected to be hard and bad, like severely bad, but it turn out quite acceptable. it is not as hard as most would expect and seriously, all the midnight oil burned for it feels like a big waste now (should have focus on psychology more!). hmm, but all in all, i am happy with it. at least i know i will not screw up. :)

so that is it. still have papers later. psychology and counseling. going to work hard for both subjects since both are extremely factual. going to be a book worm again. hey, i am suddenly reminded of the game BookWorm Deluxe. anybody has it?

*about to read again*


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