Tuesday, October 19, 2010

when boredom strikes, my mind flies to you..

*caution; this is a lovey dovey post*

the study leave begins and seriously, i have nothing to worry about classes. finally, a relieve from all that. however, with the absence of the busy schedule that used to fill my daily dull and boring life, boredom strikes in. it creeps up inside me and consumes me (a line from disturbia-rihanna). thus, i am left alone feeling uneasy all at once. thus, my lappie, Etta (which has replaced Eriol which was stolen), becomes my best companion. it gives me almost everything i want. yes, almost because there are just things that you can never get from electronic items. affection and care of course. they are incapable of doing so.

thus, while surfing the net early in the morning, around 2-3 am, my mind starts to linger upon the wellbeing of you. yes you, who flew several thousand miles away to a different continent, leaving me all alone here but the love never dies. i just recently found out that the time here and there is the same. no wonder we always wear the same uniform whenever we talk to each other on webcam. haha. bimbo me. well, the bimbo that you love and i hate. :P

i wanted to contact you. but i dare not. since i know my limit. yes, we are currently on a break since i can't handle a relationship at time like now as i am a hopeless being when i am in love. i remembered when we tried for a few days as a couple in an LDR. i felt miserable and almost cry every night. thus, if i contact you again, the same thing might repeats itself. i dare not. especially at such critical hours.

so, here iam. longing to see you. but i cannot. for your presence is the thing i want the most. and also scare the most. you are my comfort, as well as my cryptonite. but one thing for sure. when i am bored, you will always be there for me. here in my mind and deep in my soul.

*missing you very much*