Thursday, October 14, 2010

story of the night of 13/10/10

tonight, i cant do any work. because i just got no mood to do so. so, i decided to hang out at the faculty. help dydy with his part in our assignments and disturbed mary, farah, atikah and khai. seriously, i cant do anything tonight. after some time, i got bored. then, dydy said let's move to TESL square. i followed.

then, i watched RWj latest vid. hilarious as usual. saw other students from literature class who had just finished their practice. mingled a bit and continue watching. finally overheard about going out. think a bit. thought it was aa good idea. send dydy laptop back. take helmet and key, move with Po and Nazif to Uptown 24.

went there SLOWLY. arrived and played with animal at the per store. then, start exploring. look for stuff. played with makeup and perfume. move along, buy sugarcane drinks. move. buy a shawl for a girl, have no clue who. then, buy ice cream.

went to the bike. talk about life. about studies. about lecturer to be exact. laugh a bit. finally head home.

haha, imagine someone talking to you like this. all info, no colour in speech. monotonous and verbatim. seriously dreadful. content yes but practicality, no. just trying out new stuff. okie. as you can see, the story can be fun or not based on the way you tell it. if you put emotions and all, then it will be nicer. if all facts, it is just like the above. boring and dull. im just showing how some people bore me with their factual talk. now i guess you guys are bored. ahaha, pity you guys. neway, till then okie..