Saturday, October 30, 2010


i love reading. and i read random stuff. sometimes academic, sometimes chick flick and sometimes mystery and gory stuff. but all in all, i love reading. however, it must be accompanied with mood. without the right mood, reading just will not work.

as for now, academic reading is so in since we are in examination corner already. seriously, the mood is not in, eventhough i am very interested in the topic (seriously, who would hate linguistics?, i won't) but i just cannot read. thus, the whole reading become a drag. a baggage i have to carry, involuntarily. i seriously hope i will remember what i have and will read (the exam is on this Sunday!). Gosh, a good book might invoke the mood of reading in me, surely not that book, it is more to rambling than textbook (talk about centration here; FYI, centration is when you only think of your perspective only and disregard others). so, i will read it since i need to prepare for the exam but seriously, read to love.. LATER!!

i crave for a good book to read for months already. i just failed to find any. seriously, if there are any suggestion on good books, do tell me. FYI, not in the mood of depressive books since has read a lot of them. i need books with more positive vibes. seriously, a good book can do a lot of change.

another thing that i always read nowadays is blogpost of course. i have been online quite often lately and i blogwalk a lot. seriously, reading blogs is interesting since i dont have to flip pages (okie, scrolling down maybe) and the story are mostly -mostly- genuine. on the downside, it took up most of my time (T0T)..

seriously, i am so not in the mood of reading, but i have to. please, give me strength to hold on and keep on reading..

*trying to read*


Anonymous said...

Do you read romance?
I'm suggesting Married by Morning by Lisa Kleypas.
Yeah, I know romance can be so yucky, and yes there is that element in this book.
But, it's also light, funny, and an easy read. It's not serious at all.
Pretty cliche stuffs. LOL.
I don't mind if you're not up for it. I just love suggesting things. Sorry for making this long-winded. :D

junior_sysco said...

to anonymous. thanks for the suggestion. not really a romance reader but once in a while romance can be nice. just downloaded the book, keen to read it. again, thanks

Anonymous said...

You're welcome. Do tell what you think of it. :)

Anonymous said...

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junior_sysco said...

concerning putting illustrations, i mentioned before that i am no good in the photo department, hence the lacking of pics.. hehe. but i will try to learn from my fellow bloggers on this matter. thanks..