Monday, October 18, 2010


okie, i know people said you need to sleep adequately in order to keep yourself healthy and beautiful. that's why i sleep a lot.. haha, trying to justify my wrongdoing. seriously, people who know me will know how much i sleep in a day. like A LOT. i just love sleeping. since most of my time i spend in my house or watching movies on my lappie or TRYING to do yoga but gave up after a few poses (huhu), the next best thing to do would be sleeping.

today is no exception. the day started with me waking up to find out that it rained last night. seriously people, do i need to get up from the bed? well, i have to since i have a test today (whatta? today is the first day of my study leave la, it is supposed to be a leave people!). with MAJOR RELUCTANCE, i got up and get ready for the test (when i say get ready, it means putting on clothes and all, not reading, hahaha) and make my move to the faculty which situated extremely far from my house... right in front that is..

arriving there, met my ever so hardworking (?!) friends studying. haha, most at least. for those like me, we love our guts so much, we hardly read *gloating for no reason* and usually fail excellently (sob sob). okie, all in all, the test was a killer and i messed up well.

oh, before that, on the way back to the square with keys for the test room, met Tower on his way to class. first time smelled his perfume. never to forget the smell anywhere soon. aahhh *read this expression a flirty giddy girly way* man, what he was wearing was so wrong (white stripe shirt, uncle-designed necktie and a pair of glasses) but so perfect. he looks dorky and i love just the way he is.

after that, finishing up unfinished assignments. finished before the deadline although almost died doing it (seriously, my left side of brain still hurts till now). and after some chat with friends (see, still could find time to chat, such a chatterbox you Sai), i could no longer contain my sleepiness. i rushed home and change my attire, put my body on the bed and that was the last thing i remember..

woke up after some time.. check the time.. WHATTA? 7.20 PM.. 4 HOURS OF SLEEP OKIE.. even for long sleeper like me, that's long.. but i still feel unsatisfied.. going to sleep slightly early again tonight.. haha.. Sai, you sleep so much, you should be a log.. because log sleeps.. okie, that was random..