Thursday, October 28, 2010


tonight is a night like no other. it is the night where things returned to how it used to be back then, a bunch of friends, sitting together, sharing no other than gossips and not to mention, astray from the topic for a few times. a lot of times to be exact, until up to a level where we totally forgot where were we. but seriously, it shows that no matter how long has it been since we last hang out together, with our sleeping attire, more like a slumber party but nobody planned to go to sleep, the situation will always be the same. one will open the topic and others will add with their input or versions they have heard or seen. and that what we do at this time. Gossip all the way through.

gossiping has always been a part of me. sometime the gossip is not really gossip but more to releasing the anger steam from inside. at least by sharing, all will know and who knows, those who have no idea about such an event will become well versed in it. okie, but not in a good way since gossip mostly consist of nasty and bad stories of the gossip target. they do not deserve to get the title victim since they have proved themselves to be called target. usually i will be the trigger because as mentioned before, my heart is hard to be satisfied, hence having the most stories. however, my stories are usually supported by the fellow gossipers because usually they face the same problems but never thought anybody would share such thoughts. well, g-friends stays forever.

another thing about being a gossiper is we must stay neutral and natural. never show your actual emotion in front of the target. seriously, you need them one way or another, thus no point of hating or make them hate you. thus, be courteous when you are with them and act as if nothing happened. smile, cry, laugh appropriately with them. like how you would be with any other people because usually after one gossip session, the story stays there and never to be brought up outside or till the next session if more problems arise. all in all, usually gossip happens among friends. do not let gossip tear your friendship down. it should strengthen it. how? figure it out yourself.

okie, that is all i have to say about gossip. it is not easy for me to point out about gossip and gossiping because the skills come naturally. hahaha :P