Tuesday, October 12, 2010

the most anticipated drama is yet to come..

drama; it is all part of life. life itself is a drama. dont believe me? look at the category in awards for life imitating series. they are called drama. hence, drama is life. okie, enough rambling on and on about the definition. although i try to escape drama ( one of the stupidest attend was avoiding myself from entering literature class as they have drama assessment) it looks like drama come to me. yes, even as counseling student, you need to act. and the drama goes by different name. ROLE PLAY aka counseling drama.

however, it is not as grand as the literature drama. i dont have to prepare a large amount of money for anything. we dont even have to ask for budget to carry out this production i must say. all we need is space, emotion and the people necessary. and hell yeah, it is hard. can you imagine, you may counsel people all your life, but you arent graded.. now, there will be observer who will grade you on your performance. for a psychopath like me (psychopath is heartless people, hardly show any emotion) this going to bring a lot of trouble. and mine will start in approximately 3 more hours..

so, my attempt to escape drama failed miserably. i still have drama. even worst, face to face drama. focus is on no one but yours truly only. OMG, im terrified as im writing this.

another drama that i want to talk about is life drama. here is what makes life worth living. this keeps life moving. it concerns drama in drama production. i have been hearing a lot of stories (most of them are abridged version) about what happened within the production. and it is not one sided, but several sided. quarrels, dissatisfaction, giddiness of some, annoyance, and list goes on and on. wait! where's the positive news?? it cant be all that bad people. tell me something positive about it. with all these stories, do you think people will commit fully to the production? please, put some positive vibes.. then life is meaningful. if not, this drama is going to be another drama that occurs in drama of life and end miserably.