Tuesday, October 26, 2010

i hardly able to contain myself..

class. something that i dread, no matter whether it is done at the proper time or extras and replacements. thus, having a class during the exam week is one thing that is rather annoying to me but i still attend for if not, i will have nothing to do at all for the day.

once i was ready, i walked to the faculty. there it was, at its usual place. the white car which Tower drives. i was glad to see it there. it tells me that Tower is somewhere near. OMG, i sound like a scary stalker in the previous line. but that is just what i feel okie.

then, i went to sit in front of the class waiting for friends to come and class to begin. suddenly the door of the room in front of me opened and several students came out. i recognised some of them as Tower's classmates. i was like saying to myself, is Tower there too? i did not wait long before i got my answer. there he was, with skin fairer than ever, with the shirt that is so body hugging, it fed my imagination, the perfect specimen (from my point of view that is) has appeared. OMG,OMG,OMG.. that was all i could say.

my friends were laughing from this as they know how i feel for him. seriously, i care less about them, as i was trying my best to control my raging hormones and excitement from seeing him. but i think i failed miserably. all the time, i kept on gawking at him and one of my friend even said to me that just go and marry him. haha, how i wished for that to happened. you know, this is a case of secret admire or crush gone too far. OMG.. i dont know what to feel..

seriously, he is the only person that is capable in making me lose myself totally. i never felt like this towards anyone. i just hope i cant get over this feeling..

*raging hormones*