Friday, October 15, 2010

Motivation.. in human form..

Okie, usually on Thursdays, I will wake up late, relax the whole morning and watch Oprah (!!), but this week’s Thursday is different. I need to wake up early and go to the faculty. There are things to be settled there. So, I woke up (reluctantly) and get ready. Then, I made my move to the faculty with a very ugly (I must say) outfit since I don’t plan to stay long there. Got my papers from my lecturer, feeling satisfied with the marks I get (hey, looking at the effort I placed on the subject and the marks, I got beyond my expectation), I decided to go back and who knows, continue what I was doing earlier, sleep of course. But something stopped me. My gut said that I can’t do that. So, I stayed.

After some time, I went to the library with my friend. Since he said that our assignment is almost done, I would like to have a look at it. Nothing bad, just checking out, since I love the subject. However, I was appalled to look at the assignments. A lot of mistakes were done, and if we continue with it, I bet I will fail the assignments. Enough okie once failed an assignment, no more. The pain is unbearable. So, with anger filling in my emotion box (?), I redo the part where it went wrong. It was tiring as this section usually take hours to finish since it is analytical thinking section. But, I was determined to finish.

When I was about to begin the work, there he came. A person who used to had a thing for me but I turned down for the sake of chasing the impossible. He arrived with a smile and sit directly in front of me. OMG, what have I turned down! He’s such a cutie hottie.. and I can’t stop checking him out. Haha, typical me, chasing over things I slipped or impossible to grasp. I just don’t get myself some time.

Okie, but I continued doing my work. Although swears were an eminent element as I was doing this, but the presence made me happy and somehow fasten the pace. Haha, talk about motivation here. As I was doing the work, I talked to my friend about what happened between me and him just to get another surprise. Yes, Tower is here. The person who made me turned down the cutie hottie came and sit next to me!!!!! Wahtta?! I felt like screaming when he asked for the chair. I was like saying to myself, take me too.. haha, OMG, behave.. but I keep doing my work with a lot of swearing. Sorry folks, swearing was part of me. I just have to ease up the tension. But as I was doing, I check them out, yes, both of them. Tower more of course.. Hehe. OMG, they are so cute!!

And yes, they were there all the time I was finishing that up. And I finished it just slightly above half an hour. Talk about motivation again here. Haha. Okie. To sum it up. I was angry with what happened with the assignment but motivated due to the two. Hehe



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