Sunday, March 27, 2011

bad is good, good is bad.

it is sunny today. okie, too sunny actually. the sun is so bright, i dont feel like going anywhere. to even get out from my house. worst still, my own room. i just dont feel like doing anything indoor. and people say sunny day as good weather day. how ironic it is with what i am feeling inside. to be honest, i dont really like the sun since it gives my skin a great sore. i just wish it is not so hot. besides, most of my bad memories happened on great sunny days by the beach. see? i dont get it why people call it good.

i like rain. but people call it bad weather. why? because you can do things outside. who says? i love to play in the rain. once i played and i almost catch pneumonia. but i just dont care. for me, rain is not the cry of the sky, instead, each droplet is the tears of joy. i can recall a lot of great memories i had in the rain. i love the feeling when the water hits my head and make me feel like i should be more care less. yes, i love the rain and i think the rain loves me to.

yes, i get it when you say that you cannot go out when it is raining and not a lot of activities could be done like strolling around in the city, shopping, observing people, but you cannot do that in bright sunlight too. i dont think people would even consider to go out if the weather is too hot. hence, the best weather for me is... cloudy with a chance of both: sunny or rainy day..