Wednesday, March 16, 2011

miserable tuesday..

today is the worst day ever.. to date that is. can you imagine shitty things keep on happening to you non stop. omg, i am seriously surprise that i chose to continue living, not to put it to an end at some point. because any normal human i dont think can handle the amount of mishaps that have happened to me. like seriously.

today started with me waking for a class that was cancelled. thanks for the no intention of telling it to me friends, i seriously love you guys. then, with that swollen eyes due to not having enough sleep, i am remembered of something that i am not fond of, writing a poem that need to be hand in by tonight. seriously, it is no fun when you have limited vocab and creativity. gosh, it was tiring thinking of one, imagine 3 of it. luckily i finished it.

then, in class, i learned the hard truth about my subject. man, i wish i had never enrolled in this course. like seriously. i dont like planning. i am a free soul. then, in another class, i was criticized for being 'slow' in the making of the anthology for my Sastera class. whatta? i dont even see my classmates often, how am i supposed to do the work? who nominated me to be the editor in the first place. damn, i hate everything about that class. okie, maybe not everything, something but most of it.

then, today i decided to eat less. just once a day. reason: to save money and lose weight. well, guess what? i lost more money. all due to the Sastera class. i missed the last bus, had t take a cab, when i pay, the cab driver do not have any change. so i have to just pay with extra money. gosh, saving just failed. if i had known this would happen, i could have just eat. DAMN!

seriously, i am anguish right now. i am in no position for any fun. i am feeling the hate that the world is giving me. thanks so much for all the hardships. makes me wonder, why am i still alive? to be a toy to the situation?

*mad as hell*