Saturday, March 19, 2011


that will be the word of the day. want to know why? because a lot of things finally happened today. one of the main is i finally go to KL to just have an outing with friends. yeah, it was fun and tiring as well. being in my room all this while has kill my stamina for endurance shopping. haha. went to quite a number of stores, mostly sell clothes and seriously, they are cheap and beautiful. how i wish i could buy all and wear them. man, wanted to buy bag but dont know why, i chose not too. maybe not really a good bargain. nevermind, next time it is.

then, i finally meet Joy, my friend from before. she was shopping with hmm hmm i dont know for clothing too. just a brief meeting n no catching up were done. we just talked a bit, introduce the unknowns, talked and then moved on to shopping again. it was nice though meeting here.

then, i finally eat froyo. just so you know, froyo is FROzen YOgurt. see? okie, back to the story. spend an amount of RM25 for it but worth every cent. love the taste. it was very raspberry and cookies and cream. with nata de coco, strawberry and kiwi topping. yummeh! me want more. haha.

finally, i got Natasha back. just in case yo guys are wondering, Natasha is my bike. it has been away from me for quite sometime now. well, blame it on my laziness. i just dont feel like going to the distance just to have her back although i really need her. but now, she's back and girl, i am gonna treat you right.. haha..

that is all i want to say about the day and the word finally. till soon