Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I am someone who tries my best to avoid this word. However, I am just a human and along the way, problems just need to visit me and the visit was never friendly. Most of the time, it is harsh and long. Like a visitor who is just do not know when to go back home, keep on being at your home although you have given signs that they have stayed for too long. Well, problems are like that too me. Nuisance visitor.

Seriously, this time around the visit is just too long. It made my head not functioning as well as it should be. Depression made a visit too. But at least it knows it does not belong here anymore. I stated it clearly on the door of my emotion that I don’t need it anymore. But for a few days yeah, I was blanketed by it. Luckily it went away. But problems, it just keep on lingering until to a point where I feel like screaming my lungs out asking it to go away but I know that will just result in vain.
So. Problems, I know you will haunt me maybe till the next few weeks, I just hope I have enough will power to withstand you. In the meantime, play your usual game; I will not care.