Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Conflict within me..

I am a peaceful person. Yeah, it is true. Seriously, I am not bragging. Instead, at times, I wonder why am I like this. I am usually the one who choose to back out if a fight or conflict is about to happen. If people are insisting me to do things, then I will adhere to it without many questions. I am always at the losing end. Why? It is because I want to avoid conflict and confrontation. All the heartache, I just keep it in my heart. Once in a while, explosion might happen and I must say that explosion is usually so controlled until no body realizes it. Yes, I am a peaceful person and I hate conflicts.

But now, another conflict is about to happen and the trigger is me. Seriously, I am somehow terrified by what would happen. Hence the conflict within myself of how long should I hold this conflict from becoming true. If I wait for too long, than it will be too late and bigger conflict shall happen, and if I tell them now, conflict will happen and I will still need to see them. So, I am in the losing end again. For any of the choices. To be honest, I am dumbfounded by the current situation. Gosh, how I wish life is so easy and I do not have to think about a lot of stuff.

*conflicting ideas*