Wednesday, March 23, 2011

of being a child..

i dwell in the adult life too much. i think it is time for me to be a child again. and that is what i have just done. well, actually it involves an assignment actually. noticed how this few weeks the main theme of everyone post is assignments? okie, sorry for straying away. back to the story, i, at first thought of doing the usual powerpoint presentation like i always do in class. however, it came to me today that what if i make a different? what if i do things i used to do when i was young and computer is something rare and only accessible to the rich and wealthy? there it was, i went out to buy supplies and start doing it.. drawing plan on a piece of manila card and start colouring it. in the end, i am satisfied with the output although it is so childish and the drawing is beyond perfection on the other axis. haha here's the product..

okie, i am proud of my inner child.. you are great.. haha :P

*love it*