Thursday, March 3, 2011

okie, i think i have accepted it..

after days of agonising pain of self loathe and self blame, i finally come to my senses that it is all fated. there is a lesson that i need to learn behind all those bad experiences. however, i am still thinking about it. i have yet to come to the revelation. whatevs, seriously i am tired and bored of thinking about it. let bygones be bygones and as a person, i need to move on with life. so, negativity put aside, hello new experiences. however, i am still going back to my hometown next week just to find some comfort there. i need a break like seriously.

today it came to me that maybe i will find a replacement piece for the lost lappy. this time, the financial support is from no ne but yours truly. what? i lost something and i need to repay it. even though the loan is from my mom. hmm, check out some new ones and i think i fell in love with one. but that is still in consideration. i cannot say much since i am having not that many financial strength. huhu. sad truth.

so, yeah, i dont want to go around breaking down for no reason anymore. well, actually there is reason. okie, no more breaking down. let's start a new emotion collecting and once it is unbearable, explode again just like what has happened. haha, let just hope not in near future okie.



MonnMonn said...

Glad to hear that. :)