Thursday, March 24, 2011


see how atrocious is the language of my title. well, that is little if compared to what has happened today. during the meeting. language was all over. i dont think what we said just now could be considered as a legible language. it is as if we were creating a new creole. gosh, it was atrocious and i seriously is ashamed of it. then, in the meeting, content-wise, was horrible. things that are unnecessary made necessary and vice versa. gosh, i dont know how am i ever going to go to that class again. seeing the lecturer who constantly trying to understand and laughing on occasions is not cool. huhu, to be frank, i am terrified and sad by it. huhu

oh, then today i saw Tower. it has been a while since i last saw Tower. i thought people say, when you dont see someone for long, the heart will go fonder. well, not in my case. i saw Tower and all i do was look and no giddy and crazy blush on my face. yeah, i realised that i dont fancy Tower as much as before. to be honest, i treated Tower just like any other by-passers. ohmegosh, have i lost the feeling for Tower? well, in that case, it is actually a good thing. huhu. finally moving on. from that no-future-crush-of-the-lifetime-to-date.

later today i had to do my expose for my french class. gosh, i rapped through the presentation. omg, it was so fast and i was so nervous, i just speak quickly. in French! even my lecturer asked me to slow down. yes, my pronunciation was not bad (made a mistake though T0T) but it was so fast. what do you expect? i was not prepared and i came up with instantaneous sentences..

so, those are ohmegosh moments of the day. OHMEGOSH!

*damnation is near* T0T